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  • Build-A-Box Program

    Updated "Build-A-Box" Program Policy at Top Collectibles

    📦 Start Your Box

    1. Initiate Your Box: Begin your "Build-A-Box" journey with our "Start a Box" shipping option. This is your first step to creating a personalized box of your favorite collectibles.
    2. We Hold, You Shop: Once you select "Start a Box," we'll hold onto your initial order at our facility. This allows you to continue shopping without worrying about multiple shipping fees.

    🛍️ Add to Your Box

    1. Free Shipping on Additional Orders: For each subsequent order, choose the "Add to My Box" shipping option. It's completely free! These orders will be added to your box without any additional shipping cost.
    2. No Rush: Take your time! You can keep adding to your box at your own pace. We'll hold all your items securely until you're ready for them to be shipped.

    🚚 Ready to Ship

    1. Contact Us to Ship: When you're ready to receive your items, simply get in touch with us. We'll prepare your box for shipment.
    2. Finalize Your Box: We'll confirm all the items in your box and prepare them for a safe and secure journey to your doorstep.

    🎉 Enjoy Your Treasures

    1. Receive Your Box: Your custom "Build-A-Box" will arrive filled with the collectibles you've carefully chosen over time.
    2. Start Again: Once you've received your box, you're all set to start a new one!

    🔍 Policy Clarity

    • Holding Period: Please note, we can hold your items for a maximum of 6 month from your first "Start a Box" order.
    • Shipping Fees: If your box reaches a certain size or weight, additional shipping fees may apply. We'll always communicate this with you beforehand.

    We designed the "Build-A-Box" program to make your collecting journey more convenient and enjoyable. If you have any questions or need assistance, our customer service team is here to help!

    Happy Collecting!


    *U.S. & Canada Only