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  • Conditions chart

    Here's a list of all the different conditions with a brief description. Before ordering pay attention that you chose the good condition for what you want to do to with your collectibles.


    Near-Mint: Good Condition, might have some very minor defaults (Usually from factory)

    Soft Corner: One soft corner on the card.

    Soft Corners: At least two soft corners on the card.

    Cracked Blister: Blister has been cracked in some way.

    Dented Blister: Blister has one or many dents that are visible 

    Near-Mint Loose: Near-Mint opened diecast.

    Good Loose: Loose car that is slightly damaged.

    Fair Loose: Damaged Loose that has been played with.

    Bad Card: Blister or card is greatly damaged (Good for opening up)